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Forex trading with broker LimeFX

The LimeFX Forex broker has been around for quite some time now and has not been a stranger to online critique and praise. In this short but insightful feature, our review team had looked into a number of its services to see what assessment the brokerage is warranted. To be specific, the offers below are looked into at length to justify the team's findings:

  1. The assets accessible through LimeFX
  2. The trading accounts that traders can open with the firm

About LimeFX

LimeFX was established back in 2008 as an STP broker. It has since then been regulated by the CFTC.

It is actually interesting to note that when it was just starting to be known in the trading industry, LimeFX initially was producing robots that could perform algorithmic trading.

Apart from its previous niche and functioning as an STP brokerage, LimeFX also delves into the trade of Foreign Currency Pairs (forex trading), Crypto, and Stocks just to mention a few.

LimeFX Forex Broker: Its Many Offers and Services

Accessible Trading Instruments

As already mentioned earlier, LimeFX offers a wide range of assets which includes Foreign Currency Pairs (making it one of the most notable forex trading firms in the industry), Cryptocurrencies, and Stocks. On top of these the firm had also expanded within the last decade to include assets such as Commodities, Binary Options, and Indices.

But what really caught the eye of the review team is its offering of unique features through its platform. These would be detailed below:

  1. The Education Hub
    As it is already made apparent through the header, traders who might feel they have more to learn than just what they basically know about their trade would be glad to find an education hub within LimeFX's platform. The segment is filled with materials that the trader can use to become more equipped with the transactions he or she would want to engage in. These discuss topics such as currency trading and various trading strategies and techniques.
  2. The Simulator (Demo Account Counterpart)
    Also called the Investor Simulator, this feature allows the trader to test out the waters prior to delving into actual trades. This offering is the higher version of a Demo Account. The standout feature being when the trader earns money from simulated trades it can be credited within his or her account as a bonus. And should the trader lose, then the money used in the simulation would be returned into his or her account. The Investor Simulator can be used by the LimeFX client for a span of two weeks, ample time to learn the ins and outs of Forex trading.
  3. STP
    The STP technology permits LimeFX clients to perform transactions with other people without the need of an intermediary apparatus.

The Types of Accounts LimeFX Offers

LimeFX clients are privy to a selection of Live Trading Accounts to tailor fit into the trading experiences of the traders who might be signing up.

LimeFX's account types are actually categorized through the required minimum deposit. A relatively-high deposit of $500 is asked from the more novice of traders. However, if one is indeed a tenured and seasoned trader, he or she can set up a VIP-account which branches into three types of account:

Through this type of account, the trader would be given his or her own trading account

The trader opening a Gold Account is provided by a financial analyst with a weekly market review of 30 minutes.

The most basic of the three VIP trading accounts. The trader is only provided with a professional analyst.

On top of these, traders and merchants of the Islam faith are not isolated as LimeFX also offers Islamic Accounts that goes under the stringent regulations of Sharia Law.

The Takeaway: Why You Should Trade with LimeFX

With the points raised in this review, it is already apparent that trading with LimeFX would be a good move. With consideration to the range of trading assets and trading accounts, the firm is made attractive to both seasoned and novice traders alike.

The review team wholly recommends LimeFX should you want to make profits in trading Forex and the other lucrative markets.

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