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AML Policy

AML Policy

Anti-money laundering policies

, AML Policy is an international broker. We provide financial services to our clients in compliance with all requirements of international laws and faithfully adhere to the Anti-money laundering (AML) policies. , AML Policy has an active position in fighting illegal actions in the financial sphere. Our internal regulations include clear procedures to identify and counter such violations. We transmit information on money laundering and any other suspect transactions to the competent authorities.

What actions are considered to be money laundering?

Money laundering refers to activities aimed at the legalisation of proceeds of crime. These funds are attempted to be placed into a system of licit finance. Once the money are introduced into legitimate circulation, its origin will be harder to trace. Criminals take advantage of that, directing such funds to finance their activities.
, AML Policy informs about any attempts by individuals or legal entities to hide the presence and origin of funds obtained illegally; and also about the facts of fraud, theft and other crimes that we became aware of.

How to confirm that you are a bona fide customer?

To prevent financial crime, we ask our customers to provide documents proving their identity and the origin of the funds that will be deposited. We put great emphasis on security, so before opening a trading account you may be asked for information about your location and personal data.

To start trading with , AML Policy, you must provide the following documents:

1. A copy of an identity paper (passport, identity card, etc.).
Please make copies of both sides of the document.

2. Copies of all credit cards you used to make a deposit.
The first six and last four digits must be visible on the copy of the front side of the card, you can hide other digits. Card expiration date and your name must be fully visible. You can hide a CVV number on the copy of the back of the card.

3. Bank statement.

4. Utility bill.
Please provide the entire document. We verify your name and address with this document.

5. Please fill out , AML Policy customer agreement.
Write your name in full conformity with the name of the payee (beneficiary). Each time you want to withdraw money, the conformity of the payee’s name and your account number will be verified. The correct spelling will help you to withdraw your money without any problem.