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Demo Real: Safe Trading System
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Demo Real: Safe Trading System

Many people think about online trading, but not everyone decides to open an account with a brokerage company. To conquer the financial market is not so simple, especially without experience. LimeFX broker announced the holding of the Demo-Real Campaign. All new clients of the company can participate in it.

How to take part in the Demo-Real Campaign

All you need to do to participate is to register on the company’s website and make the first deposit in the amount of USD 250 to USD 5,000. Two accounts will be opened in your name: real and virtual. Moreover, the second will have as much money as the first. Within two weeks you can make transactions in a real market while using virtual money. After two weeks, the following will happen:

  • If the trade was successful, then the virtual profit will become real. The broker will transfer it to your real account as a bonus;
  • In case of failure, your real account will remain untouched, and a personal expert will analyze your transactions and explain how and why you made mistakes.

Can I use a demo account after the end of the promotion?

After a two-week training with virtual money, you can start real trading. However, the demo account is not going anywhere. You can still train, watch how certain strategies work, and experiment with trading instruments. However, the profit will remain virtual, as well as the losses.

How long can I use a demo account?

The broker does not restrict clients in using a demo account. But it’s important to understand that the main purpose of a virtual account is to learn how to open transactions and orders. Training on a demo account is somewhat similar to driving a car on a simulator. At first glance, the thing is useful. But you will never be a successful driver until you learn to drive on a real road surrounded by other motorists. Opening virtual multi-million dollar transactions, it is very easy to lose the feeling of the real market. A sense of danger is an important quality of a successful trader.

It is also worth considering that the broker charges an additional commission from clients who have not been active on a real account for more than three months. Its size is 5% of the amount on the account. Two weeks is a long enough time to get in the picture and prepare for real trading. At the same time, you can read thematic articles and blogs, watch training videos. You will find a lot of useful information on the official website of the broker.